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I would give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
Your the closest thing to heaven and I don't want to go home right now

- Iris, by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Damn him for looking like an angel as he slept. She just couldn't get the difference out of her head, the difference between his actions and his looks. Especially when he looked like this, dead to the world on the bed, his once-spiked short hair now matted against the pillow. His eyes closed, those lashes curling on his cheek, long as any girls. And that smile, less of a smirk now, more a true smile. Never innocent, but not nearly so wicked as when he was awake.

Pepper reached out to touch him then stopped half way, pulling her hand back to tuck into her blazer pocket. It wouldn't do to wake him up now. She had business meetings to attend, and errands to run, and if she woke him up now they'd be up for hours, but she'd never make it out of the bedroom. Or out of bed.

On stocking feet she tip-toed away, pausing at the door to take one last look at her lover as the steel colored cover lowered to seal in the huge bed-like sarcophagus. He was dead to the world alright, but more than that, he was dead period. At least while the sun was shining.

And tonight when the sun set, Deacon would awaken once more and her lover would come to her. But that was then and this was now. What she wouldn't give to hold him, just for a little longer, even the way he was. Or to awaken him and press him close to her body, hugging him tight as they laughed and loved in spite of the deadly sun that rose so high above their hidden playground.

But she wasn't just his lover, she was also his most trusted minion. And she had a job to do, one that would help keep him safe, help keep them both safe forever. So she had to leave now, while she could. While she still had the will power.

"Pleasant dreams Deacon Frost" She whispered to the bedroom as she walked away. And if, in his casket he could hear her? Most likely Deacon smiled.
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All-day long meetings to attend, paperwork to fill out signatures to forge and commentary to give to the press. The public needed to know, whatever, whatever. Yes, bodies had been found in the rubble, who's were they? Pepper knew the truth, they were minions and hunters both. But the truth and what history would record as the truth were again, two different things. Read more... )
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May Character Development ExerciseRead more... )


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