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Name: Elizabeth Phaedra Silver, born Analia Phaedra Silver.
Nickname: Pepper. Duel citizenship, American and Spanish

Age: 26
Birth Date: September 21, 1982
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: Unknown, approximate to her height.
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown

Birthplace: Rota, Spain (US Navy Military Base), family moved to Maryland when she was 5, when her father retired from the military.

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English. Spanish being her first language, English being her primary language

HS: public grade school, then home-schooled from age 10-14, GED at age 15 (98.0 percent), Bachelors Degree in Biomedical/Mechanical Engineering, and is working on her Computer Science/Mathematics Degree through online classes with Miskatonic University, Arkham MA; earned her CPP in 2007. In addition she is currently taking courses in French and Computer Graphic Engineering through Miskatonic University online classes.

Parents: Chief Petty Officer James Silver, Deceased 2003, Mrs Ysabette Comorosco-Silver Deceased, 2003 (brake failure on their vehicle) Ms. Silver did not attend their funerals.

Other family: None found

Religious Affiliation: non-practicing Catholic

Relationships: Possible past romantic interest of Anthony Stark of Stark Interprises (would have been aprox 16 at the time). Possible current romantic interest of Deacon Frost, owner of Frost Industries. It has been rumored, but unconfirmed by sight or by photograph.

Prior Address: 146 Apt C Frost Towers, Manhattan NY (bldg blown up due to underground gas main explosion)

Current Address: Penthouse suite, 1001 3rd St Santa Monica, CA (Embassy Hotel Apts)

Criminal History: accused of hacking into Maryland Dept of Education files at age 12 on behalf of a friend - Elvira Hancock, no charges filed. Runaway and non-resident in Europe with falsified Identification and falsified work visa at age 16 - sent back to US when caught at age 18.

While in Europe - was a suspect in several burglaries and a number of break ins at various museums and casinos around Europe, however there was not enough evidence to convict, and no charges were filed. Unsubstantiated reports state that Ms Silver was quoted that she did it 'to see if she could'.

Also while in Europe, the odds are highly likely that she met and befriended a visiting American, a Mr. Anthony Stark (owner and CEO of world-wide weapons manufacturers 'Stark Industries'.) Mr. Stark would have been roughly 21 at the time of their meeting, and there are several reports, and two unearthed (although blurry) photos of him being accompanied by an unknown female matching Ms. Silver's description.

It is unknown if this was a friendship or was consummated into something more at any time in the past. However, in 2005 Stark Enterprises awarded a newly founded 'Silver Security Services' with a number of highly lucrative computer-security contracts, all of which are under strict non-disclosure agreements.

Work History from age 16 on: Various jobs with museum research and casino servicing in a number of countries in Europe using fake ID and work visa, Sent back to the US at age 18, Worked for Jeff Jonas, the founder of SRD, Systems Research and Development, on several Casinos in the Las Vegas region.

Worked for T-3, Tomorrow's Technology Today in the developmental and research department from 2002-2003

Founded Silver Security Solutions in 2005; is chief Security Special Contractor to Frost Industries (chain of high end 'Member's Only' nightclubs as well as public nightclubs and casinos), along side several other companies (Stark Industries among them)

Consultant to Kevin Mitnick (convicted of hacking and once out of prison started Mitnick Computer Security Services)

Author of the following articles:
'Armed Security - rent-a-cop no more'
'Training for the Future'
'Armored Security – combining Man and Machine'
'Biometrics – What it is and Why You Want It'
'Computer Security - Keeping Your Life Away From Prying Eyes'.

Silver Security Solutions' patent's pending:
*Black Diamond night vision cameras with infrared Imaging (zero-lux darkness sight capability and remote sensor tracking)
*Has three patents pending dealing with 'Silver-Screen' Biometric
laser-screen computer DNA encryption (still in development and research stages)
*Silver-Stream vision DN elite DVRs - contain hot-swappable hard drives and redundant power supplies

In Conclusion:

It appears that Ms Silver does not have a lot of time for anything BUT work. She's private consultant and business partner of Frost Industries, flying all over the US for Mr. Frost; she's president of Silver Security Solutions and to that end she's developed several patents dealing with computer security hard drive encryption. She's written articles on security, and has guest starred on "Off the Hook" Radio show with E Goldstein. She's was on the question-answer board of the DEF-Con 15, sponsored the lock-pick contest at DEF-CON 15, appeared at DEF-CON 16 and the BLACK HAT conventions (Both the United States and European conventions) and is rumored to be sponsoring an upcoming contest at the 2009 DEF-CON 17 Convention.

FYI - DEF-CON 17 will be held on July 31 - August 2 2009, at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

EDITED on April 5 2009 TO NOTE: In a surprise move, Silver Security Services has severed their security upgrade and patent contracts with Frost Enterprises. Ms. Silver, who was acting CEO for Frost Enterprises upon the disappearance of it's CEO Deacon Frost; has released a statement saying that she is voluntarily stepping down from that position, and that her company will no longer be affiliated with the real estate and research conglomerate. Current security contracts are still under non-disclosure agreements however, and will remain in effect.

EDITED on MAY 6 2009 TO NOTE: Ms. Silver also made Playboy's "Sexiest CEO's List (Women On Top)" in the May edition, along side Claire Chambers, and Kerry Khee.

"Playboy is paying homage to women that keep their clothing on for a living. The magazine released its picks for sexiest female CEOs. Topping the list - or as Playboy likes to say, the "Women On Top" - are Claire Chambers, CEO of lingerie company Journelle, Elizabeth Silver, CEO of the internet security company Silver Security Solutions and Kerry Knee, the
CEO of Flirty Girl Fitness. Pictures and article to follow...

CHICAGO, May 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Giving new meaning to the term "hot stock picks," has just announced its list of America's 10 sexiest CEOs in its new online Forum section (

The website's picks for America's sexiest CEO was inspired by recent reports that the Fortune 500 now includes more women CEOs than ever before. To celebrate that historic achievement, searched the country for beautiful women leading companies large and small - from Kerry Knee, CEO of Flirty Girl Fitness (think an all-girl gym with extraordinary pole-dancing facilities) to Elizabeth Silver (the reason that geeks stay glued to their computers, think CYBER sex-y) and Sharen Turney, the not-so-secret weapon behind Victoria's Secret Megabrand.

Turney, Silver and Knee are joined on the list by seven other "beautiful women in charge of companies large and small; women whose good looks and savvy business acumen add a bit of sunshine to an otherwise gloomy economic forecast," notes the article titled "Women on Top."

Playboy Forum, an iconic Playboy magazine feature for decades, now brings readers the immediacy of daily engagement with Playboy writers, making the Playboy Forum a one-stop shop for men who want to know what's going on, socially, politically and culturally. is an affiliate of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. (PEI) (NYSE: PLA, PLAA).

Copyright 2009 PR Newswire. All Rights Reserved.
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I would give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
Your the closest thing to heaven and I don't want to go home right now

- Iris, by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Damn him for looking like an angel as he slept. She just couldn't get the difference out of her head, the difference between his actions and his looks. Especially when he looked like this, dead to the world on the bed, his once-spiked short hair now matted against the pillow. His eyes closed, those lashes curling on his cheek, long as any girls. And that smile, less of a smirk now, more a true smile. Never innocent, but not nearly so wicked as when he was awake.

Pepper reached out to touch him then stopped half way, pulling her hand back to tuck into her blazer pocket. It wouldn't do to wake him up now. She had business meetings to attend, and errands to run, and if she woke him up now they'd be up for hours, but she'd never make it out of the bedroom. Or out of bed.

On stocking feet she tip-toed away, pausing at the door to take one last look at her lover as the steel colored cover lowered to seal in the huge bed-like sarcophagus. He was dead to the world alright, but more than that, he was dead period. At least while the sun was shining.

And tonight when the sun set, Deacon would awaken once more and her lover would come to her. But that was then and this was now. What she wouldn't give to hold him, just for a little longer, even the way he was. Or to awaken him and press him close to her body, hugging him tight as they laughed and loved in spite of the deadly sun that rose so high above their hidden playground.

But she wasn't just his lover, she was also his most trusted minion. And she had a job to do, one that would help keep him safe, help keep them both safe forever. So she had to leave now, while she could. While she still had the will power.

"Pleasant dreams Deacon Frost" She whispered to the bedroom as she walked away. And if, in his casket he could hear her? Most likely Deacon smiled.
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All-day long meetings to attend, paperwork to fill out signatures to forge and commentary to give to the press. The public needed to know, whatever, whatever. Yes, bodies had been found in the rubble, who's were they? Pepper knew the truth, they were minions and hunters both. But the truth and what history would record as the truth were again, two different things. Read more... )
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May Character Development ExerciseRead more... )


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