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Adrien: The metal ones are funny.
Pepper: I'm speechless. Seriously. That just.. *shakes her head*
Adrien: *laughs*
Pepper: That scares me about as much as having sex with the Terminator does. Talk about having a monster in your pants! No, just. no.
Adrien: What? It's just padding.
Pepper: It's metal, Adrien
Adrien: Some were padded more than others. And the really insecure ones used metal...
Pepper: Or the ones who knew that they were jackasses and someone was going to try and kick their gonads back up into their chest cavity. That, the one with the face? It seriously gives me the creeps. It's like medieval Hentai. Which I also don't get into, just for the record.

Adrien: *laughs* Any human or vampire ever starts reminiscing about the old days and how much better society was, remember that. Society was not purer, the church just got to write more of the history.
Pepper: Don't you worry, I won't be forgetting that any time soon. *twitch* A face on the tip of the codpiece like a.. you know what? I am not going to be thinking about this. And no, not EVER going near that T-101. I mean, what if - NO. Damn it Adrien, can we change the subject?
Adrien: It's not the T-101 I'd worry about, he's got human flesh over the robot bits, right? It's Smith I'd worry about. There's no TELLING what his programming looks like under that suit.
Pepper: *squinting eyes closed, trying DESPERATELY NOT TO THINK OF.. TO THINK OF...
Adrien: *is laughing uncontrollably by now*

Adrien: You had any doubt?
Pepper: If I did? I don't anymore.
Adrien: laughs
Pepper: I would rather face your knives. Cheerfully in fact, whistling a Broadway tune, than to be pushed into bed with... wow. I think I finally found something I am completely squicked out by.
Adrien: I'll have to remember that.
Pepper: *big eyes* Hey now, that wasn't an offer. I'm not that great a whistler.
Adrien: Actually I found the idea of creeping you out more amusing than the whistling. Shocking, I know.
Pepper: OKAY, we were changing the subject, weren't we? *so is never ever going to discuss codpieces or metal faces on men's penis's, or tentacly-mechanical killer monster-computer virus'y sex EVER AGAIN*


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