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Birthdate:Sep 21, 1984
Location:New York, United States of America

"Lust's passion will be served; it demands, it mutilates, it tyrannizes.”

Call me Pepper if you want. I might answer if I feel like it. *Both mun and muse are over 18*

Look, my life growing up was normal. Nice family, decent life, homeschooled, boring as hell. And I found that I could get more with what I had, and what I could do with it. Ran away, traveling through Europe, did some illegal things maybe, met some very interesting people. I came back for a while, before heading out once more. And then I flew back into JFK Airport in New York City. Stepped off the plane and into a city I'd never seen before, or maybe I'd simply never noticed. Did a B & E, into this fanger techno bar by the name of After Dark, got caught by the owner of the club. He wasn't pleased, to say the least. But he didn't kill me, far from it. He could have, he was a vampire. More than that, he was a vampire god. Went by the name of Deacon. Deacon Frost.

He made me his familiar, then his chief of security. and then he made me his lover. Got the mark on the back of my neck to prove it even.

((This is a fake lj, and an OC rp char. And no I'm not Krista Allen either))

Pepper is your run-of-the-mill humanoid type, ex thief, cat burgler. She can lift her own body weight but is not overly strong. She is extremely agile and quick, but not inhumanly so. She has an uncanny ability to get into locked spaces, and through security systems; both physical security and computer security systems. If it's locked or has an alarm, she's right there for the challenge. You could say she has gift for it. She's taken this gift and honed it to an art, starting up her own security company in the process.

She's sneaky, cunning, and intelligent; a con artist who uses her body and her innocent looks to gain any advantage. She's easy to read telepathically, and easy to overpower physically - if you can catch her. As Deacon Frost's head of security and minion she has his mark on the back of her neck, and her blood has certain addictive properties, that Deacon is becoming more and more addicted to. And as Deacon's human lover, she is becoming more and more turned on by his bite.

*For more information/IC-OOC INFO/Actual Bio/ on Pepper, go here.

**Note to all Vampire types. Pepper's blood has a very rare enzyme in it, and may contain addictive properties. The mun each vamp can decide on whether or not they've heard of the enzyme, however it was known to be so rare as to be more a legend than reality. And understand, this mun does NOT want a drained dry Pepper-corpse on her hands, ok? Just saying. It is unknown as to what effect her blood has on lycans or other paranormal creatures.

**2008** With Deacon now dead, his Temple in rubble around him, Pepper is busy attempting to hold the Corporation together, in spite of the attempted take over from Deacon's crew of vampires.

**2009** Deacon returned, and in the process he laid waste to Pepper's rivals for his company, then asked her to marry him and giving her a gorgeous engagement ring with a rare, red diamond as the centerpiece. Then later, in a fit of rage and perceived betrayal, he threw her out. Out of his life, out of his world, and out and away from his protection - so she thought.

**2010** The plague. The rampant vampire plague that swept Los Angeles, and killed 3/4ths of the human population. The plague that pit vampire against vampire, put a human on the vampire counsel for the first (and likely the last) time, and put the shapeshifters, the mutants, and the fae on one side against all others. Deacon nearly attained Godhood until he was betrayed in a complicated plot, one that included his intended bride, the woman who shared his bed but not his vision - Elizabeth Silver. In the end Deacon Frost lost his godhood and regained his humanity. And possibly his soul.

**2011* Pepper and Deacon were married at a private ceremony in Italy, with only a few friends (and one known relative) in attendance.

**2012** Saturday, May 12th Pepper kissed her husband goodbye and watched him board a plane which was then blown up by unknown assassins. She has been mourning the loss of her husband ever since.

**2014** Pepper thinks that it might, might be time to come out of her self-imposed exile and return to the world around her.

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