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You Have Lime Flavored Kisses

You are an adventurous kisser, and you're always up for trying something new.

You crave novelty, and it's hard for you to only have one make out partner.

You're not shy, and if you want to kiss someone, you'll just go for it.

You think people are too hung up on kissing. They just should relax more and let it be fun!

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He was here. I know he was here. Not at first, oh no. At first there was simply the disorientation, of waking, the smell of candle wax burning. Candle wax? We had no candles! I sat up, slowly tugging on my hair to pull it out from under Deacon's cheek. A candle was burning on the dresser, a candle's light reflected in the mirror behind it. And with the candle - a - what was that?

I slid my feet out of the bed, pushing the covers away and stilling at the quiet creak of the bedsprings. Deacon slept on, a deep sleep. A human sleep, hopefully dreamless or filled with dreams of more good things than bad. I could only hope.

Padding across the floor I reached the dresser, and the envelope that lay beneath the dripping wax. Naked I stared into the mirror, unwilling to lift the candle off of the envelope, suddenly so very afraid of what I'd find.

Slowly I slid open the top, unfolding the paper to see what was within. A long, curling tendril of dark hair lay folded around and around again within the winter-white sheet. My eyes met my reflection once more above the dim light of the candle, and my hand went to my hair, I slowly combed through it with fingers outstretched. There! That's where it had been shorn away, back there where my hair met the back of my neck. That is where the missing lock of hair had originally been, when it was still part of my head and not stuffed between a couple sheets of white.

Trembling, I had to stop trembling. And I had to be certain that he was gone. That he wasn't hidden somewhere close, watching me - watching us - still.
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This time I knew it was coming, like the pre-courser to an earthquake, I knew. This time I was prepared. And Deacon? My beautiful, beloved, insane vampire god? Like Icarus he flew too high, too far and too fast. Like Icarus he grew drunk on his own power, and it threatened to overwhelm him and in doing so overwhelm us all.

And like Icarus he fell, wings burning, back to earth.

Only, unlike the ancient Greek legend this time there was someone to break his fall from godly power back to mortal man. I was there, and I caught him when his plans for dominion failed, when his beautiful black wings caught fire. Of course I did. Because I love him.

And because I helped set the fire that caused him to fall.Read more... )
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Here are the rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you 5 questions of a very personal nature.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them 5 questions.

Claire's questions:

1. How do you do this, being his fiance and living in this world?
2. Do you ever really feel bad about what happens to people?
3. ...What's your favorite song?
4. What do you think you would be doing with your life now if you had never met Frost?
5. Is he going to turn you into a vampire some day?

My answers: Read more... )

Oni's questions:

1. What's something you wouldn't consider doing?
2. Favorite food?
3. How long have you been with that-- Frost?
4. Do you still hate me for what happened?
5. Who was your best friend, growing up?

My answers: Read more... )

Neph's questions:

1. Why did you decide to stay in the US once you were legally an adult?
2. Is this thing with Adrien for safety and convenience, or are you actually attached to him?
3. Use of OOC knowledge: Don't you get jealous...sharing?
4. Does being rich ever get old?
5. What do you think about the so-called "glass ceiling?"

My Answers: Read more... )
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Worked an extra shift Sunday, a 12 hour shift last night, I have 12 hour shift coming Friday night, driving like an SOB come Sunday and driving all the way back on Monday, court (witness for the state, just another part of my job) on Tues morning and work Tues night, and then another 12 hr shift Wednes. On top of my regular work hours, I mean.

I'm trying, honest, but color me dead folks. My brain, she no work right now.
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"What is this?"

Pepper halted at the door, staring at the white-haired man who was sitting in her own office chair.

"What is what, Adrien?" Everything was a test of wills with the assassin, a living breathing chess game. At least that's how it seemed on her end. Pepper studied the way he sat, the tilt of his head, the way he held his fingers together to form a steeple. All of these subtle hints would then go into a mental program that would give her clues as to how to respond.

For this? His tone and outraged look told her that he believed her to have done something wrong. So the best response for this situation? Not start out with an apology, that was for certain. That would only serve to bring out the predator within the vampire-cum-bodyguard. And if he was predator? That would, once again, make her prey. And she so did not wish to be seen as prey.

"That, Adrien is my computer desk and that is you sitting at my computer. And why are you sitting at my desk?" She leaned against the wall, spearing a piece of cucumber out of the bowl in her hand with a fork.

He bi-passed the question entirely. "Who is this man, this wants2please that you are writing back and forth with? This man in Paris who thinks he knows you well enough to write such filth about your lips, your thighs?"

Oh. That.

Pepper hadn't meant to be gone for long, and she'd left the screen up while she went out into the kitchen for a snack. The snack turned into lunch, and apparently she was gone longer than she'd thought she would be. Longer than she should have been.

And in the mean time, Adrien had come in and happened to read her open messages. This was a sticky situation oh yes.

"If I had known you had wanted a computer, I'd have made certain that there was one supplied in your contract."

He just stared at her. "Is he a lover, an ex lover perhaps? A dalliance from your vacation in Europe, ma chere?" Adrien's voice had taken on a smooth, dangerous tone as his hands pushed against the arms of the chair and he slowly began to rise.

"What?" The surprise in her voice was both obvious and unfeigned. "My god no!" She was beside him in a moment, leaning over the desk with her short skirt pulling up in the back as she began to type.

"See? He's just some man who found one of my character posts on this adult gaming website I play on." Her fingers sped over the keyboard as she pulled up window after window, and pulled up the character info sheet as well. "This one, see?"

She pointed out the character sheet and the composite female avatar that she used. Red haired, the woman was a Rob Liefield original, a regular rock and roll sex-bomb. With a pistol at her side, she was scantily dressed in white thigh-high boots and outfit of matching leather straps that barely her most important assets. And around her throat? A wide white leather collar with a broken piece of chain swinging down a few inches.

"Out of the blue this guy started writing me, because he liked my character. Well actually he began writing her." A fingernail pointed at the screen, and then she used her mouse to highlight some of the words of the conversation. "See?"

Sure enough, the very first lines of the message, down at the bottom were 'Are you still a fan of phone sex little lynx?'

"So" Pepper turned to her bodyguard and gave shrug and a slow wink in his direction. "She wrote him back."

The vampire sat back, viewing the screen. Staring at the avatar, the character sheet, and then the avatar once more. "And you... you do this?" He asked, a hesitation to his voice.

"Yes, I did. I do. I find it fun, Adrien. Relaxing. A way to blow off steam, sometimes. We all have our ways of dealing with pressure" At that moment she gave him a side glance, then stared back at the screen. "And this is one of mine. So he writes my character. So they become explicit. Sometimes very explicit. So what? It's not me, he'll never know me. It's a fantasy, Adrien. A wild, erotic fantasy. And it keeps me" She paused then, considering her words. "Entertained."

"Very well." Abruptly he was out of the chair, and heading to the door.

"Adrien what-?" She began, turning to watch. But he was gone.

Taking a deep breath, she let it out slowly, eased back into the chair and picked up her salad. Holding it close, high on her chest, she speared a piece of lettuce and chewed, considering both the conversation she'd just had, and her upcoming reply to the stranger on the other side of the world who only knew of her through her avatar and user-sheet.

Finally she nodded, and set the bowl aside and began to type. 'Oh yes, I've been watched before. I find it to be a thrill, it brings out the hedonist in me; the sinful side of the lynx.'

Several days later Pepper received another message on the board, again addressed to her Avatar. This one was from someone named 'Senor Amante de la Muerte'. Curious, she opened the message.

Tell me pretty kitten, the message began. 'Why aren't you tucked in bed, pussy cat?"

With a smile, she stretched her arms above her head and began to type.

And in his own suite of rooms, Adrien waited for her to reply.

((Amante de la Muerte = lover of death in Spanish))
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1. I love you, take me far away and it will just be the two of us forever in Paradise.
2. I'm happy, I'm alive and I'm free. I got the warning in time, and got out.
3. I forgive you and I'll never see you again. I'm happy and healthy in my own life now. Me and the puppy.
4. You shot me/stabbed me/blew me up! *various and sundry screams follow as this person is shot again, and again, and again*
5. I am here for you, mon chere. You are not alone, although you may think you are and I will never hurt you.
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I will take care of this, I will control this! The world has caught on fire, and I'm in the heart of the flames. Every time Deacon looks at me, I expect to see his eyes start to glow red as La Magra takes over and forces the man I love out of his own body. So tired, I need to sleep, and yet it's the one thing that I can't afford to do. Not now. Oh hell no.

And he's so busy now, and I, I miss him. So much. All I want to do is to run away with him, just the two of us. But he'll never leave, and me? I will never leave him again. Not while there is a chance... no, must think positively. I cannot afford to think like a loser, I have not and I will not lose. NEVER Again.

But he's not here, it's just Adrien and I; sometimes other vamp guards as well. To protect us, he told me. No, we both know better. It's to protect me. His frail, weak, human lover. I see how they all look at me. I think I've even seen Adrien looking at me that way a few times. I will not mess this up, I will not fail at... whatever the hell I'm doing. Keeping Deacon in control, even with all of this chaos is so much better than risking setting La Magra loose. Let Los Angeles burn to the ground, take all of them, all of us with it. La Magra is, he is. Death. That's what La Magra is. Death for all of us. No where will be safe, no city, no country - none of it.

I will find my way around this. So hard to think now, I just. Argh! I cannot sleep while Deacon is near. I must, I MUST be that lifeline that holds him to this world. And I... I'm finding it harder and harder to sleep with him gone. I

There is a slight hesitation before she speaks again.

I keep thinking that someone is watching me in my sleep; I keep waking up with my heart pounding. Frightened. Alone. Someone is watching me, staring at me. And my dreams are filled with pain, fire and death and... and a dark lust, a... a hunger that I know is not my own.

God help me if my nightmare, that beast from my dreams that is searching finally finds me. Finally - gets - me.

I don't think that even Adrien or Deacon can save me then.
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Things in RL have gotten more chaotic than usual. I know I say that, right? But seriously; this flu season has taken a toll on us all; some in more ways than others. To say that it drained me of any desire to write for a while has been an understatement.

So I'm behind on all my threads, and posts. And if you all could give me a nudge and let me know where and when I've fallen behind? I am really sorry, things have been rough lately.

Please? A nudge, and I'll try my hardest to get caught up now?

And this goes for all of my muses of course.

*edited to add*

And yes I know that someone owes a Kitsune two responses; and someone owes a were-shark a phone call response. Thank you [ profile] adriengriffin for the heads up so far.
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the if i could spend a day... meme
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You are a Vampire Movie

You believe that evil isn't exactly black and white. In fact, the dark side can be incredibly seductive at times.

You like vampire movies because they are more morally ambiguous and complicated. Sometimes it can feel so good to be with someone bad.

You like the dance between good and evil. You prefer that the conflict is more nuanced and mental than physical.

Your favorite movies portray a complex villain ... films like Blade, Dracula, and Twilight.

And no, No I didn't cheat. It actually said ...'films like Blade...' *Starts laughing*
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*sound of a woman sobbing uncontrollably*

I can't, I can't... Deacon, oh God Deacon no, just no. No more. Please no? DAMN YOU! You and your plots and your schemes, and your La Magra and your fucking vampire-take-over-the-world Bullshit!

Oh Deacon, what have you done now...

I love you. Don't make me do this? Don't make me do this! DEACON!

((Any replies should be ooc only as Pepper KNOWS how good her encryption code is, so NO CRACKING it please!!))
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Private Journal, Audio Disk 11, Silver Security Encryption in effect.

Why am I doing this? It is insanity. That’s with a big I, by the way. Is it because I feel like I owe him? I owe him nothing. His entrapment was neither my fault, nor was it my doing.

And I keep telling myself that, and I continue to feel guilty, as I have not felt guilty for so many things, so many lives. What’s do different about this one? What the hell is so different that I would risk myself this way? And this is a risk, just as much as any I have ever taken. Does he know that? Does he realize that? What I am daring, just to come to the States, just to see him one last time to make certain that he didn’t lie to spare my feelings; that he truly was as healthy and safe as he had said over the phone? That I’m traveling thousands of miles, just because he told me to meet him? Insane. I must be insane. )
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Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me. You know you want to...

Confession Meme // I'm listening
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You Are Mint Iced Tea

You are philosophical and balanced. You try to remain cool and collected.

You value peace and quiet. You've had a lot of drama go down.. enough to last you a lifetime.

You have come to a point in your life where you can accept things as they are. You don't get worked up about what you can't change.

You like nothing more than a simple summer afternoon when you don't have a care in the world.

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Why is she not sleeping like normal people do during the day? *throws up her hands*

Six Impossible Things :: my thread

At least I'm not alone in this one. There are a few of us going through it.

Rochefort [ profile] all_forme
Anika-Amadi [ profile] just2hands
Amarante [ profile] sunnotshadows
Leanna Lynn (Leela) [ profile] leela1

Or something written by one of the others? Why not share in the pain/agony/suffering amusement?
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Comment here with your character's name for a big block of text about how mine feels regarding yours.
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