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When she'd heard about the prison break, Pepper simply could not believe it. There had to be some mistake, seriously. Bringing up the LA TIMES site on her laptop, she read the article twice over before she could begin to understand the words properly. But it was all there on the screen. Someone - or something - had destroyed the prison, bursting through walls as if they were made of paper and causing chaos and destruction all through the building. Men were still missing; both guard and prisoner alike. Frantically Pepper began to search for names, any names of missing prisoners particularly, looking for two of them. Two men who's names she was not able to find on the prison roster.

Granger. Granger and King.

They were either dead or missing. Dead or escaped. Alive, maybe free.

Pepper didn't realize that her hands were shaking until she reached for the glass of water at her side and almost spilled it onto the floor. Alive. They - one or both of them - might be out and alive. Fingers barely touching the glass, she tapped her fingers against it as her eyes focused on the far wall and she began calculating the percentages of them being able to find her where she was. Had she told anyone? Was it time to run again?


Letting out a breath, Pepper relaxed back into the chair she was sitting in. No, if they were alive and free? They would be subject to a massive manhunt right about now. After all, kidnappers and cop-killers were high on the gun-down list of any law-abiding police officer. There would be no where they could hide, no where they could run to that they would be safe. She didn't have to run any longer. It was their turn, and she could watch from a distance. Watch and smile and wait. Their names would show up again, sooner or later, dead or alive. This time? Time - and the law - were on her side.
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